Community Development Institute is a leadership development organization that builds capacity in communities throughout the United States and in countries around the world. Since 1970, we have helped leaders and their organizations produce powerful results. Whatever the scope, CDI’s approach to service delivery and design aims to support clients in envisioning the future of their organizations. We help government entities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofits and businesses:

  • Manage and build high-performance organizations
  • Develop and monitor high-performance teams
  • Foster extraordinary leadership at every level
  • Build organizational structures for accountability
  • Implement sound fiscal management systems
  • Strengthen engagement of community and key stakeholders
  • Launch new programs and initiatives with power and full engagement


At the core of CDI’s work is building leadership capacity of all levels of an organization or community. Over the years, we have worked to strengthen the leadership of thousands of individuals and teams working together in community-based settings to support children and families. Strong leaders and teams create powerful programs and produce inspiring results.



CDI has a long history of helping organizations in multiple sectors thrive by increasing their organizational performance. The bulk of our work has dealt with nonprofit organizations/NGO's that support care and services to young children. CDI can help organizations revitalize their culture, implement powerful management systems, and create alignment at all levels to produce powerful results. CDI also has extensive experience helping rebuild community-based organizations from the ground up, including implement fiscal and quality assurance.



CDI leverages its long history utilizing Appreciative Inquiry as a method to fully engage communities in key initiatives and for program development. CDI can work with programs, government entities and networks/associations to engage key stakeholders and representatives from various sectors to broaden buy-in, build alignment, and strengthen the launch of new initiatives.



CDI is an expert in launching new community-based programs and initiatives, with vast experience in successfully navigating the challenges of new early childhood program startup. CDI services can support NGOs, nonprofits, networks or government entities to implement a structured approach to set critical targets, anticipate predictable barriers, and align resources in a way to meet critical timeframes.