Community Development Institute

Community Development Institute is a leadership development organization that builds capacity in communities throughout the United States and in countries around the world. As part of its international outreach, CDI serves as the secretariat for the Global Leaders for Young Children Program. As a project of the World Forum Foundation, Global Leaders is an advocacy initiative that inspires, empowers and connects emerging leaders in early childhood development.

CDI provides leadership and coordination for the program, which seeks to launch the next generation of Early Childhood Development (ECD) leaders worldwide. Passionate early childhood professionals from all over the world gather to train and collaborate in a two-year program that includes a curriculum designed to build a strong foundation of essential knowledge and skills in global issues and awareness, leadership development, and the science of early childhood development.

Since its inception in 2004, nearly 200 emerging leaders from 61 countries have participated in the program, with many graduates now playing major roles in shaping the early childhood policies and practices in their countries and regions. Globally and locally, they have become courageous, innovative advocates who stand up to provoke lasting change with children and families.

What We Do

  • Provide leadership and coordination for the project in working with stakeholders from around the world
  • Work to strengthen regional and national ECD networks through building leadership capacity
  • Create a strong sense of community of Global Leaders from various countries and regions by facilitating ongoing sharing and networking
  • Build leadership development through direct training and support of Global Leaders


For more information on CDI’s training and development services that can be offered in international settings, visit the Services page.

More information about the World Forum Foundation and the Global Leaders for Young Children Program can be found here.